I am the lead developer of a project called GlassKit. This project started a little less than a year ago when I decided to pick up my Google Glass and actually make it work, rather than just leaving it as a cool thing on a shelf. I started updating the old apps, creating new ones and putting them all on the Glass. I put it all on Github and eventually people started reaching out saying how cool it was. As of now, the project is still open but I do not work on it anymore, as the amount of time it takes to build and maintain these projects is way more than I have available, so for now they're stagnant. That doesn't mean they won't continue on in the future, however. I would love to get my Glass back to full function (or more!) and I think it's possible to do so. I just have to get a lot more done before I can do that...

If you want to check out the project, I recently ported it to Sourcehut:

Later, Glassholes.