Minimizing my Wasteful Web Presence

In an effort to minimize my wasteful web presence, I have shifted a few things around. I used to own 8 domains, and only really used two of them for something I used daily: and I also keep around for "historical purposes" (I've had it since I was 7). Today, though, all of that changes. I will not be renewing any of the following domains: was a short domain for me to have links to blog posts, social media, etc. I don't use it anymore. was a project built on Deno that spawned native webviews from JavaScript. was a web-based RSS feed reader that used local storage to store your feeds. is a pubnix (we'll get back to this in a second). is an activitypub server. is my Google Glass revival project (we'll also talk about this one in a second). was a... uh... well, it sounded cool.

The point I'm making here is that a large portion of the domains I own are useless. Not only is this expensive on my part, it's technically domain-squatting: something I don't agree with. Let's talk about really quick: chances are you're reading this post on there. That's because this domain will stay with me hopefully for the rest of my life. is a pubnix, as I mentioned, one that I quite like maintaining. Well, as of a couple days ago I migrated it to an Alpine Linux VM and consequently named it This is my do-it-all domain from now on. will be the pubnix but will host projects, software, and more. I chose to move it to a new domain because it's cheaper, shorter, and I feel happy with it (meaning I won't be tempted to buy a new one). has moved to a Sourcehut wiki and will remain there. will be shutting down at the end of its renew cycle.

So, at the end of the day, I will only be keeping and They are both hosted on the same VM, which saves money but also consolidates the development to just one place. Everything else has either found a new home or will be shut down at the end of it's lifecycle. The direction of will be determined sooner than later, but for now, it will just stay as my personal VM and will eventually expand into a pubnix.

I hope that by doing this I can cut down on my wasteful web presence.