NWS Tornado Bot

I made a Bluesky mirror for @NWSTornado on Twitter. Okay, it's not an exact mirror, but I made it with my bare hands so that's good enough for me. TL;DR: @nwstornado.bsky.social.

I used val.town to host the code and schedule it's run. As of now this works extremely well for me! The only issue I see is multiple tornado warnings being issued at the same time and it missing them (it only posts the latest one every minute). You can visit val.town/v/jordan.bsky_tornado_bot to see how it works. I hope that this bot helps someone (at the very least, I hope that it helps someone figure out if a storm they're watching is warned).

Overall using val.town and Bluesky was a really nice developer experience; in both cases, it saved me time and brain power because it was very intuitive and helped me to bring my idea to fruition in a matter of hours. Working with APIs is not often very easy, so to be able to build everything else around it in ~2 hours is amazing. Check out val.town (and Bluesky) - not a sponsor but I'd love to be hired ;)