I'm a normal person

I often forget that I'm a normal person. I don't feel like a "main character" but I do often forget that most things don't affect me and I shouldn't worry about them. Things as big as climate change, social issues, and other things that are almost completely out of my hands.

I also worry about becoming this superstar X (fill in the blank), largely because the majority of past Jordans thought they could do anything. I don't blame anyone for this, it was just simply my lack of failure. A lot was very easy for me as a kid, and if it wasn't, I did it as little as possible. Once again, I don't blame anyone for this - I was a kid.

Recently I've been thinking about the future of my career. I'm still in school, quite close to being done, but it has led me to mostly dislike software engineering as a whole. The industry is a mess and I want to apply it to something good. However, I've also realized these two things:

It's okay to not be specialized. In fact, I doubt I could ever become specialized because I am interested in learning so many different things. It's okay to work at a grocery store or coffee shop as an adult, because we need those jobs filled.

It's time to suck it up. Nothing is perfect, so stopping to complain about it is not okay. You can most certainly implement change by not participating, but there's only so much one person can do. In that case, either tell other people to change it with you or just accept it (in this instance I'm talking about the software industry specifically).

Anyways, I still feel a drive to do the right thing but I've realized that my part is only human-sized, and I don't need to worry much about it.