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Getting started

This site is built with Fruition. They have great instructions on their site, so getting started means reading their instructions! There’s one change we’ll make though; instead of signing up for Cloudflare Workers, we’re going to sign up for Deno Deploy (read more about Deploy here). That means skipping Step 1 in the instructions.

Signing up for Deno Deploy

Signing up just consists of having a GitHub account and logging in with your credentials. You’ll then have to authorize it, and we’ll be on our way!


Creating a playground

Once you’ve done that, you’ll arrive at the Deploy dashboard. In the top right, click the “New Project” button. This will lead you to the project creation page, as seen below:


Click “Play” on the Playground section to get started. A new playground will open up, and you’ll have a code editor and a display screen. Now that you’ve created a new project, it’s time to generate the Fruition script in Step 2.

The domain you’re going to input is the domain shown above the page display (seen below). This is the only change you’ll have to make in the script generator. Once you’ve completely filled out the form, it’s time to copy the script and move back to your Deploy playground.



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