the cabinet

welcome to my equivalent of the halliday journals. below is a growing list of all my recommendations, favorites, etc. it's partially for my own recollection, partially to make it easier to show to other people.


[scallops hotel] ~ indie rapper (or something)
sovereign nose of your arrogant face ~ probably my favorite album in his collection
plain speaking ~ also my favorite album. this album first introduced me to him
scallops hotel radio ~ would recommend listening to, as scallops hotel has many sibling artists (all from the same person, r.a.p. ferreira) that all produce equally good music. this playlist does a good job of capturing most of them.

[bombay bicycle club] ~ 2000s british indie rock
i had the blues but i shook them loose ~ great to listen to from start to finish, especially on long(ish) drives. also great live
a different kind of fix ~ filled with all the hits
everything else has gone wrong ~ newest album, has a good vibe :)

[mr jukes] ~ new jazz. by far my favorite artist ever (also is the lead of bombay bicycle club)
god first ~ probably my favorite album ever.
the locket ~ newest album, jack and barney artist made a wonderful album together. all fun!

[blood cultures] ~ ??? (no idea how to explain it but the music is way underrated)
luno ~ the hype for this album was completely deserved. i love the vibe of it
oh uncertainty! a universe despairs ~ the album that introduced me to the weird world of blood cultures. start here.

[the buttertones] ~ surf cowboy anime music. basically cowboy bebop in music form
jazzhound ~ the last album. it's definitely my favorite out of them all
gravedigging ~ roll the windows down and put some sunglasses on...


[hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy] ~ a scifi classic that will always have a place in my heart.

[ender's game] ~ same as above...

[ready player one] ~ so good, they made a movie about it!

to be updated.