I drink a lot of coffee. Right now, I'm drinking:

Ramble Mexico Chiapas

Coffees I've tried:

These are sorted from best to worst. They may change over time. This is extremely subjective.

Stauf's Mexico Altura Light body and medium acidity. A hint of fruit at the beginning but mellow all the rest of the way.
One Line Anaerobic Natural Gesha Well balanced. Only tried in one pourover but looking forward to trying this one again.
Stumptown Holler Mountain One of my favorites. This is the first bag that I could actually taste the flavor notes. Would recommend if you're just getting started in specialty coffee.
Stumptown Homestead Darker than Holler Mountain but not so dark that it's bitter and it loses its flavor. A well balanced dark roast that genuinely tastes chocolatey.
Intelligentsia Classic Espresso To be fair, I'm not pulling from an espresso machine, but this one does not taste very good. They say it tastes like raw sugar, dark chocolate, and marshmallows, but all I can taste is this weird fruity flavor that isn't very complex, isn't even that acidic or bitter, just tastes like rotten fruit.
All Starbucks coffee Tastes like burnt dirt (except Siren's Blend and all of the blonde roasts)

Send an email to [email protected] to let me know which ones to try! If you click the link it'll give you a template to send to me:

Coffee name: 

The rest is up to you! Tell me the flavor notes, a story about it, how long you've drank it, where they roast it, etc.!

Brewing methods


Currently I only use an Aeropress for all of my brews. Here's a few of my favorite recipes:

Coffee wt. (g) Water vol. (ml) Inverted? Time to brew Notes
15 200 no 2 min A good, drip-strength brew. Good for drinking with other things
18 90 yes as quick as possible An espresso(ish)-strength brew. Pretty strong...
20 200 no 1 min Americano-esque, good for trying after the 18/90

I plan on getting a lever espresso machine in the near future. This is a placeholder for that machine.