My Floor Desk

My desk along with a computer and my phone on a display stand

As you can tell, I have an abnormal desk. I'm sure you've heard about, seen, or even used a standing desk. I don't see the benefit over a normal desk; both are plagued by roughly the same thing, inactivity. You may say "well, isn't yours just a worse version of a normal desk?" Yes, actually, it is! That is, if you can stand sitting in the exact same position for long enough. I, however, can't stay in the same position for too long as it becomes too uncomfortable. This is intentional: it helps me to actually get up, stretch, and think about whatever I'm working on in a different space (this helps greatly I've found) for a little bit. Because I don't have a "real chair", it's not as easy to get lost in whatever I'm doing because it becomes extremely apparent that I've been doing it for too long. I used to have an ergonomic chair but swapped it for the floor pillow you can see above to give myself a little cushion when I want it. However, since it's very light and easy to move, if I'm tired of sitting on it I can move it and just sit on the ground! All of this really allows me to customize the space I'm working in as much as possible. If you're ever tired of your desk, sitting or standing, try a floor desk sometime!