M1 Mac Mini

My main system is an M1 Mac Mini. Currently it's running MacOS Sonoma. I use my Mac for general purpose things - everyday life tasks such as note taking, editing documents, schoolwork, etc. I also use it to edit most of my code, edit video/photos, and more.

A photo of my Apple Mac Mini M1, display, keyboard and mouse.

A note about my setup

Alpine Linux VPS

Finally, this server is run on an Alpine Linux VPS. I'm a fan of UNIX systems so the fact that I run a Linux distribution as what is essentially my main system is quite weird. Alpine Linux is just so much better than any other distribution I've ever tried. It's rock-solid when it comes to stability, the packages are superb and up to date constantly, and the documentation around it is amazing (due to it being the foundation for Docker mostly).

Basically it never fails. Seriously consider it for your next (or current) server, laptop, or project. This is not a paid advertisement.