living in the now

now is the only time we have to experience. time is moving at a constant pace forward, so live in the now. here's how i'm attempting to do so.

> 1.3.2022
today i made a tutorial for using rask and deno deploy together to host a blazing fast site. i took yet another dip into wasm and wasi. i also made a lander page for xxv, moved the app to the subdomain process, and made the repo a monorepo. today is a slow day but i'm not complaining.

> 12.31.2021 — a look back on 2021
today marks the final day of the year 2021.

time flies. at the beginning of this year i was still fighting with my cpp course, majel was my big project (nothing to show for it), and robinhood was the bad guy. below are a few of the moments that stand out to me the most:

> itslaunchtime was my baby. i spent months of long days and some long nights working on it. after continuous support from the community (i love you all, thank you), it reached numbers i never thought i'd see on a site before. as every developer does, i strove to better the project, but in the end had too much on my plate and became burnt out.

> i became a barista. i figured i might as well get paid to make and drink coffee

> tesla stock hit $1000 (it didn't stay there though grrrrr)

> i learned how to use a lathe and mill. genuinely a skill i believe everyone should know about

> starship landed!!!!!!!!

> i ate at del taco for the first time. they just put fries in my burrito

> i met the parallel universe version of me

so basically those 7 things sum up my entire year. honestly, it probably does; 2021 wasn't really a packed year. a lot of great things have happened and i'm grateful for the new people in my life and the "regulars" who've stuck around — here's to another year.