rask is a 30 line deno server that works with deno deploy.

view the code:


want to be the proud owner of your own site? tired of site builders? look no further! with rask and deno deploy, deploying your own site is extremely easy! follow the steps below to create your own site.

~ head over to the clone page, add a repo name, description, etc!

~ hit create repository from template

~ we've cloned rask! that was easy.

~ head over to the deno dashboard, sign in with github, and create a new project!

~ name your project something you can remember, or don't! you do you i guess.

~ on the project page, scroll to the bottom where you'll see "deploy from github"; hit continue, connect your repository, and then click on server.ts. give it a few seconds (yes, seconds!) and it will be deployed.

~ go on over to {project name}.deno.dev and view the site in all it's magnificence!!!

there is no step 3. you're done!