Jordan Reger
playing Minecraft and writing code for it.
I write code and I'm learning how to chase storms. If you'd like to chat, reach out through one of my contact channels below.
Email —
Discord — jordanreger#7891
Sourcehut —
Github —
Dribbble —
Mastodon —
Twitter — @jxreger
cc — computercraft scripts
LTX — your one stop shop for everything space.
crate — a fullstack web framework built with Deno
Deploy + Sourcehut — a build file to deploy from Sourcehut
xxv — a lightweight offline web app launcher
latt — a lit element router
stellarDrive — an experiment in web-based dashboard UI
konst — a web-based console
elementary — my linux distro of choice
Deno — my favorite JS/TS runtime
Deno Deploy — how I host my sites
monochrome — my VSCode theme